Momentum Fitness Program

Learning to Live Healthy

Create healthy foundations

Fitness isn’t just necessary to overall health—it’s also fun! We want our students to create foundations of athleticism, health, and confidence from an early age. We introduced the Momentum Fitness Program to do just that.

Expanded active education

Many schools have physical education class once a week for about a half-hour. At Legacy, we feel that isn’t enough. Students in the Momentum Fitness track will participate in 30-50 minutes of age-appropriate physical exercise four days a week.

Program features

Strength and Aerobic Conditioning – Students participate in activities designed to strengthen core muscle groups and promote endurance and flexibility. They will participate in multiple activities that help strengthen the entire body.

Sportsmanship and Sport-Specific Skills – Students learn a variety of team sports to help them learn to work together for a common goal. They learn the specifics of many sports, hopefully discovering which activities they want to pursue outside of school and long into the future.

Healthy Eating – In addition to physical activity, all Legacy students benefit from healthy eating on campus. Our cafeteria staff prepares fresh food in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchens to emphasize the need for fresh, nutritious meals and snacks to fuel an active lifestyle.